Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy may be a choice for you at various moments in your life:

  • Perhaps you have lost perspective on all the things going on in your life, and it would be helpful and pleasant for you if someone could help you get things sorted out.
  • Perhaps you have to make big and complicated decisions which require some guidance to ensure that you make the right choices.
  • Perhaps there are experiences from your past that still bother you and inhibit your development.

You are troubled by complaints in any of the following areas:

  • Stress and tension; burn out or being overstressed with work; tiredness.
  • Moodiness (for example: anxious, feelings of depression or strong emotional reactions)
  • You’re dissatisfied with yourself or your phase of life (eg. insecurity, assertiveness, identity, independence)
  • Physical complaints that do not seem to have any physical cause
  • Trauma, sexual or physical abuse, and violence. Problems with eating or food
  • Mourning: problems during and after the loss of someone important; for example death, divorce, or the loss of a child.
  • Psychological complaints that are brought on by physical suffering (for example you suffer from a chronic or terminal illness).
  • You are overburdened by the intensive care for others i.e. children, parents, sick family members or a spouse.

Together with the psychologist, you will create a plan that will focus attention on addressing a few key elements, such as: how you will approach and/or tackle your problems, how often the sessions will take place (weekly, bi-weekly, or less frequently), approximately how long the therapy will last, and what issue will be worked on first.

In the meantime the therapy will be regularly evaluated and you and the therapist will revisit your agreements and evaluate progress to determine if new agreements need to be made or attention needs to be focused elsewhere.

The therapy will conclude with a comprehensive evaluation, mutual feedback, and a discussion over the possibility of returning for follow ups.

In individual therapy, supporting, structuring, discovering and insightful techniques are implemented.

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