CoachingMoving Balance ’s approach to coaching entails offering a space where you can spar, reflect, seek and discover issues of a work or personal nature with the support of your coach.

Mattea will help you to focus your questions(s) and will accompany you on a journey of finding your personal answers. We will continue our search until we find answers which you are happy with, which can be practically implemented and which can help you to take new positive steps in your work or personal life.

This will be done through conversion, writing and intention setting assignments and creative insight seeking. You choose the methods that are most suitable to you. In addition, a single EMDR or RDI session may be of quick and useful assistance. A coaching trajectory usually consists of 5 to 7 sessions. However, it can also be a longer or shorter trajectory.

It is possible to conduct coaching on location, if this has been discussed beforehand.

What subjects can be addressed though coaching?

  • Time-management, (questions or problems regarding this subject)
  • Exploring key qualities
  • Awareness on obstructive behaviours
  • Strengthening of existing qualities
  • Interactive issues (ineffective ways of interaction)
  • Conflict management/mediation
  • Reintegration issues

Moving Balance

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Waiting time:
For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
Intake: > 6 months
Start of treatment: > 7 months

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