Moving Balance

Moving Balance has been located in Leiden since 1993.

Moving Balance consists of:

  • The practice for Psychology and Body Oriented Psychotherapy
  • The branch involved with providing university education, seminars and enhancement of expertise
  • The branch involved in providing peer review and supervision for therapists, coaches and institutions.

Moving Balance is run by Mattea Spatharakis. It collaborates with various institutions and other independently employed professionals in related fields.

What does Moving Balance offer and what does it not offer?

Moving Balance offers various possibilities. One can contact Moving Balance for:

  • Professional, humane and dedicated guidance regarding all kinds of problems at a pleasant and easily accessible location in Leiden (Therapy)
  • Enhancement of Knowledge on various therapeutic themes as well as themes aimed at growth, creativity and relaxation (Training)
  • Supervising therapists, coaches and trainers as well as other people working in the field of processes of change with individuals or groups (Training)
  • A broad network of colleagues within the therapeutic field (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists) and people working in related professions: physical therapy, haptotherapy, homeopathy, cranio-sacral, ayurvedic therapy, and osteopathy.
  • Coaching in the professional and personal life areas (Coaching)

Because of the nature of the company, Moving Balance does not provide counselling to addicts and people with a psychiatric illness. Experience has proven that the assistance that Moving Balance can offer is not sufficient in such cases.

Moving Balance does not work with people who are not able to adhere to jointly drawn up agreements (including financial ones).

Moving Balance

Practice for Psychotherapy, EMDR, Consultation and Coaching

Information: Mattea Spatharakis
T: 06-49115682

Joseph Haydnlaan 101
2324 AR Leiden


Waiting time:
For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
Intake: > 6 months
Start of treatment: > 7 months

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