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Mattea Spatharakis of Moving Balance administers various courses several times a year under the International Master program (4th year Psychology program) of Clinical and Health Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences of the Rijks University in Leiden.

Courses that are given by Mattea Spatharakis include:

  • BTS (Basic Therapeutic Skills) in Dutch and English
  • CIA (Clinical Interviewing and Assessment) in Dutch and English
  • Psycholily and IPI (an English alternative internship program for the international students in the department of Clinical and Health psychology)
  • TIPI (a programme aimed at developing training. It is a possible alternative for the internship programme for international students of Clinical and Health psychology)

Most of these courses are part of the “a la Carte” education of Leiden University. This means that people outside of the university can register to follow a course without being registered for an entire program.
In 2013 a collaboration started between Moving Balance and the University of Crete in Greece. Mattea Spatharakis teaches two annual seminar cycles to practicing psychologists and psychotherapists, social workers and psychiatrists. These seminars can be likened to post-doctoral knowledge enhancement courses. The subjects are Trauma, Relationships and Attachment problems, EMDR and Body Oriented therapy.

At the University of Thessalia (Central Greece) Mattea Spatharakis teaches the module Trauma Therapy. Moving Balance teaches various courses in collaboration with the Institute for Trauma Therapy (the Greek EMDR  training and Seminar center).

Students find Mattea Spatharakis to be a professional and engaged instructor who guides her students with enthusiasm.

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