Practice for psychology and body-oriented therapy

PraktijkThe practice bases its approach on the principle that a human being is a whole being encompassing thinking, feeling, experiencing, body, mind and environment. This is the basis upon which people are approached and the basis upon which clients are supported in seeking an solution to their questions and problems. The practice takes on people who are seeking guidance at as an individual or within the context of a relationship, who wish to clarify some issues they are facing with the aid of a few sessions.

The approach used is to start with either an exploratory consultation or three initial consultations before long term commitments are made. It is possible to choose a short period of therapy (approximately 5 to 8 sessions). One may also opt for a longer term therapy period. Plans are drawn up together with the therapist and these are evaluated at regular intervals.

Whatever techniques or tools are used in the therapy, the leading principle is always the dialogue between the client and the psychologist. Possible solutions to problems identified by the client will be addressed jointly.
If Body Oriented therapy or EMDR may play a positive or enhancing part in the process the therapist will discuss this with the client. For more information please see the item Therapy in the menu.

Moving Balance

Practice for Psychotherapy, EMDR, Consultation and Coaching

Information: Mattea Spatharakis
T: 06-49115682

Joseph Haydnlaan 101
2324 AR Leiden


Waiting time:
For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
Intake: > 6 months
Start of treatment: > 7 months

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