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Drs. Mattea Spatharakis graduated from the State University of Leiden in Psychology and Anthropology. Subsequently, she specialised as a GZ Psychologist and is a BIG and thus Registered NIP Psychologist. She is a EMDR therapist and EMDR practitioner Europe (which is the highest qualification for an EMDR therapist), EMDR Europe certified Consultant and EMDR supervisor.
She is a graduate of the BOP ( Institute for Body Oriented Psychotherapy) in Paris and is a Pesso therapist (part 1). Since 2016, she is a CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) therapist, trained by Lisa Schwarz.

In addition she is a trained dance and movement therapist. She is a certified Tacoyo trainer but is currently none – practicing.

She continues to develop her expertise and is a member of various peer review groups (for professional  knowledge enhancement and support). In 2018, she was accredited as an EMDR Europe Consultant. In addition, she very regularly attends consultation as part of her professional development.


Mattea Spatharakis gained her professional experience in different places:

She has been running the Practice for Psychology Moving Balance since 1994.

She has worked in various mainstream institutions as an individual, body-oriented and group therapist

From 2007 till 2017, she has worked for the State University of Leiden where she lectured in various therapeutic subjects to international students taking a Master’s Degree in  Psychology.

She has also lectured at the university of Crete and the university of Thessalia in Greece. She teaches seminars for the association of psychologists in Rethymno, Crete as well as in collaboration with other organizations in Greece. Also, she organizes webinars.

She provides knowledge enhancement and consultation to various institutions, colleagues, and lecturers. For numerous consultant trajectories, she is in collaboration with the Institute of Trauma Therapy in Athens, Greece.

She guides various coaching trajectories for companies and private individuals

She has worked in a multicultural aid organisation where she set up support projects for migrants. She also collaborated with refugee aid organisations.


When you meet Mattea Spatharakis you will meet a friendly and professional psychologist, who will approach you with a humane and normal attitude. Her students and clients have described her as being engagedclearprofessional and reliable, and having a positive approach.

After having received sufficient information from you,  she will be able conduct a clear conversation with you about the options with regard to counselling. Following a joint consultation during which your wishes, effort and opinion are taken into serious consideration, she will apply her expertise to help you take steps towards more satisfaction and wellbeing.

If she is of the opinion that you would be better served by one of her colleagues because of their expertise or you needs, she will tell you and help you with the referral.

Whether you prefer a long or a short period of therapy, coaching or supervision, she will do her best to provide you with the most suitable guidance or training.


Moving Balance collaborates with various institutions and other independently established professionals in the Netherlands and in Greece. It is Mattea Spatharakis’ vision that it is important for the  professional and the clients to be able to rely on support from a network of specialised colleagues.

She likes to collaborate with colleagues working in the same or related fields in order to gage and expand upon her  own knowledge and vision.

She collaborates with psychologists, psychotherapists, general practitioners and other physicians, psychiatrists,  as well as hapto therapists, homeopathic doctors, training institutes, associations and universities.

Moving Balance

Practice for Psychotherapy, EMDR, Consultation and Coaching

Information: Mattea Spatharakis
T: 06-49115682

Joseph Haydnlaan 101
2324 AR Leiden


Waiting time:
For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
Intake: > 6 months
Start of treatment: > 7 months

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