Seminars and Workshops

Seminars en workshopsFor the past few years Moving Balance has been teaching seminars for the enhancement of knowledge in the areas of psychological aid, psychotherapy, EMDR and other forms of therapy. The seminars are offered on average once a month and they are taught in English.

Generally speaking, the participants tend to be (international) psychologists who live and work in the Netherlands. The themes are jointly agreed upon with the participants and are planned six months in advance. Moving Balance brings in experts in different subject areas.

Themes that were addressed in the past few years include:

  •  Psychotherapy and EMDR
  • Body Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Stress Reduction in Therapy
  • Depression and fear disorders
  • Attachment disorders
  • Personality problems
  • Somotoform disorder
  • Therapy with Children and Youth

The seminars are taught in a pleasant and informal atmosphere  in which mutual exchange, creative brainstorming, specific practical examples and practical techniques are the main components. Simulation work is part of the approach and ex clients are sometimes invited to come and share their stories first hand.

The seminars are freely accessible to professional in this field. Experience shows that especially young psychologists are attracted to these seminars.

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