Coaching and RDI

RDI stands for Resource Development and Installation. It is a very effective variant of EMDR. While EMDR clears the millstones around your neck, RDI helps you to focus on strengths, the qualities and abilities that you already poses. These may include self – confidence, self-  appreciation, courage, strength and balance. In one (possibly two) session you will be able to strengthen your abilities to such an extent that you can face obstacles with complete self – confidence.

RDI is very effective in dealing with fear of speaking, presenting, insecurity when speaking with superiors, having to engage in difficult discussions, being insecure when having to perform in groups, having to undertake activities that fill you with fear and insecurity.

Much information about EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and RDI can be found on the internet. Please consult Francine Shapiro (founder of EMDR), Allan Leeds (RDI developer) or Vereniging EMDR Nederland.

Mattea Spatharakis is a European EMDR Practitioner and EMDR Consultant Europe. This means that she holds the highest qualification as a EMDR practicing therapist and that she is authorized to consult EMDR therapist colleagues.

Moving Balance

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