PraktijkruimteWe offer different forms of therapy. No matter which form of therapy you choose at the Moving Balance practice, you are entitled to complete or partial reimbursement from your basic insurance for up to 8 sessions. In the case that you are insured for additional sessions with your supplementary insurance, then you are also entitled to receive those sessions here.

Please Note: Since 2014 the insurance regulations regarding  psychological support have been modified. One no longer needs to have supplementary  insurance in order to be entitled to extra sessions. Based upon the application for support, the problem defined and the diagnosis, a variable set of sessions is assigned to the applicant (a ‘package’). An additional contribution is no longer required.

Specialisms offered by Moving Balance include:

  • individual and couples therapy and counseling
  • therapy structured around insight and support
  • body oriented psychotherapy
  • EMDR, trauma therapy, dealing with depression, anxiety and loss
  • dealing with relationship issues: intimacy, sexuality, separation
  • early childhood attachment and trauma issues,
  • issues with identity and choices

Moving Balance

Practice for Psychotherapy, EMDR, Consultation and Coaching

Information: Mattea Spatharakis
T: 06-49115682

Joseph Haydnlaan 101
2324 AR Leiden


Waiting time:
For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
Intake: > 6 months
Start of treatment: > 7 months

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