Dance and movement therapy

Since 1991, Mattea Spatharakis has been teaching dance and movement (therapy). During this time and beyond, she has worked with various teachers of dance and movement as well as teachers from other disciplines. Years of teaching and guiding interns and students of dance and movement, saw the birth of the movement initiative DanceMoves. It is an initiative located in the centre of Leiden and it is co -ordinated by an involved and enthusiastic core group.
DanceMoves is a creative initiative that does not present itself as a therapy, however, it does provide an opportunity for self- discovery in a relaxed dance setting.

DanceMoves organises:

  • Open dance evenings
  • Workshops given by core members (including Mattea Spatharakis)
  • Workshops given by invited teachers
  • Children’s dance afternoons
  • Excursions and weekend workshops (in and outdoors)
  • Occasional extra activities such as a hike or a movie.

There have been many enthusiastic people who have been involved and connected with DanceMoves over the years. Their input makes the initiative more vibrant and their commitment secures the continuation of the group based on their engaged involvement year in and year out.

The website of DanceMoves provides an informative reflection of this initiative: www.dancemoves.nlDance Moves

Moving Balance

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For all new clients regardless of diagnosis.
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