Couples therapy

Couples therapy may be an option for you and your partner if  your problems  are mainly expressed within your relationship. There are various perspectives and possibilities and counseling can range from one to several sessions. Relationship therapy or counseling is also covered by basic insurance.

We can’t seem to work it out:

Whenever you experience problems in a relationship that you and your partner cannot seem to work out, it may be helpful to consult a professional and unbiased third person to observes the situation. This could be the moment to ask for help from a therapist who is experienced in working with couples. The therapist will be observing your situation from an engaged distance, and will therefore  not be absorbed in the tangle of emotions or desires. In collaboration with the two of you, the therapist will look  for a way to sort out your problems and to seek a possible solution.

Is there still hope?

Sometimes, it has  already gone a step further than just not working out. One or both of you may think that there is no more hope for the relationship and are at the point of wanting to end it. At this point, it can feel as if therapeutic guidance is the last possibility to save the relationship. Together with the therapist, the two of you will discuss and figure things out in a clear and direct manner, and then consider whether or not there are still chances for your relationship. Hopefully, ways will be found to help the two of you continue on together in a happy and healthy relationship. In the case that ending the relationship would be the best decision, you and the therapist will examine ways in which the two of you can separate in an agreeable manner and work on rebuilding your lives independently. This is an important aspect, because research shows that in order to have a fresh start in a new relationship, it is imperative that there is good closure of a previous relationship.


You keep your car well maintained, and you take it to the shop each year for an inspection, so why not  do the same for your relationship? In the  hope of  maintaining a long and happy relationship, it can be a good idea to regularly take a moment to really look closely at the relationship, and this can be particularly beneficial with the help of an experienced professional observing the situation. In the “tune-up” sessions, important themes may  be addressed such as: children, finances, sexuality, carrier, family and many more. You can use these sessions as a way to re-evaluate your current situation, to determine how you would like to proceed together, how you can make mutually satisfying decisions together, and how to support each other when making difficult decisions.

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